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Excellent service! I had some works done on my hair at the front and some beard works. Looks amazing, a massive difference. I would be happy to recommend to anyone, thanks so much!!
What a great experience and lovely people, they make you feel so comfortable. Would defintley recommend to others, it's changes your life.Michael was the one who completed my treatment and was just amazing from start to finish.
A highly professional and friendly experience. Michael is a really nice guy and puts you at ease, making you feel confident. The work completed was fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend scalpology.
I think the advantage Micheal at Scalpology has, that he was a former barber of many years, so he knows what style would suit your scalp to give a natural look.What he has done for me is to give me a look that everyone has no idea it is MSP.It really knocks years off you also, for a much softer younger look.I’ve seen many who have had this treatment, even Hollywood actors and UK presenters, and they don’t have that clean natural look which is a shame.Can’t recommend him enough.He’s got to be the best person for this technique.Life changing
Been to Scalpology and had head tattoo. Must admit like everyone doing something like this, i was both skeptical and nervous. Having completed my sessions, I have to say its the best money I have spent in years and could not be much happier with the results. Feel good, powerful and ready for another 20 years feeling like I did when i had a full head of hair. Highly recommend!
One of the UK's leading scalp micropigmentation companies. I've known Scalpology and owner Michael for many years, and as an ambassador for the SMP industry, I can vouch for his skill and integrity. Highly recommended, proceed with confidence.
Had my SMP done here 2 years ago... I couldn't be happier with the results
Recently had the treatment. No regrets at all. Micheal is a lovely guy and you will be in safe hands. Very pleased with the results. Highly recommended
After 10 months of online research & enquiry, I took the plunge and contacted Michael at Scalpology. The premises in Kew Bridge was very modern, sleek, clean & professional.What impressed me the most was Michael’s knowledge & experience of the procedure and his desire to help. Personally, the procedure delivered more than I expected. Michael’s technique & skill gave me a natural yet subtle result, exactly what I asked for.If there is anyone looking to have this done, please do your homework and go to the best in the industry.I could not recommend Scalpology enough.Thank you to Michael & his team!

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