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Let’s face it, if there was a pill, no man would become bald. Before scalp micropigmentation, hundreds of practices promised to remedy male pattern baldness, but nothing was effective other than expensive and invasive surgical transplantation.

There are many different types and causes for baldness in men. Some men begin to lose their hair in their teen years, others more so toward mid-life. The majority of men will experience some measure of hair loss by their 80s. While hormones are believed to play a large role in the loss of hair in men, other factors such as nutrition, stress and even some medications may play a role.  Androgenic alopecia is probably the most common form of baldness in men and is characterized by a receding hairline and where hair continues to grow it becomes shorter and thinner as the follicles gradually weaken.

When a hair follicle is dead, it can no longer produce a hair shaft.  This is irreversible in most male pattern baldness. The Norwood Scale is a tool is used to determine the type of male pattern baldness a client has. It is a range from 1 to 7 with 1 being a full and robust head of hair and a 7 being significant hair loss.  Its use is helpful to scalp micropigmentation artists in planning their treatments.  Some men will be bothered by their receding hairlines while others are troubled by bald spots at the crown.  What is almost always assured is that the hair loss will continue over time.

How can smp

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Men represent the majority of clients seeking scalp micropigmentation. The stigma associated with baldness may be so bothersome that a man may not be ready to accept the inevitable. That is where SMP (scalp micropigmentation) comes in.  Whether a man has partial baldness the meticulous tattooing of individual hair follicles blends in naturally with the existing hair and no shiny scalp is visible beneath. Men wrestling with comb overs for which wind is the enemy are able to find a way to dispense of them with the application of scalp micropigmentation.  Many men elect to give in to the inevitable and shave their heads voluntarily.  In cases like this, SMP can be applied only to the areas of the scalp that are completely bald.  Of course, for full male pattern baldness, a full head SMP treatment can restore the appearance of what would otherwise be a voluntarily shaved head with the option of a “5 O’clock Shadow” look. Scalp Micropigmentation is so realistic that the only way to detect that is has been done is by touch.

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