SMP for Scarring

A large number of clients seek our scalp micropigmentation services after many attempts at reversing their hair loss through hair transplant surgery.

Surgical interventions all too often do not yield natural results and worse, if they are ineffective, scarring of the scalp is a certainty as must be expected given the invasive nature of the procedure. The resulting scarring exacerbates trauma for the client. Hair transplant scars are often severe since the scalp is home to millions of blood vessels, present to protect the most important organ of our body. It is for this reason that scalp injuries bleed more than other injuries to the body.

It is for this reason that scalp micropigmentation artists are highly trained, experienced and specialized in the field. SMP is able to miraculously address such scarring in two ways.

Firstly, the application of natural tattooed follicles on and around the area of the scarring will make scars far less noticeable or not noticeable at all. The SMP artist is able to carefully navigate through compromised skin tissue with advanced skill, applying various techniques and equipment to ensure the scarred areas are evenly covered and blend with the remainder of the scalp. The scar becomes imperceptible.

How can it

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In cases where the hair has stopped growing after an injury to the head from either accident or surgery resulting in permanent damage to the follicles, the artist can spot treat, making the scar invisible amid the hair growth.

Secondly, the very act of tattooing—being  small, and precisely placed needle pricks into the skin of the scalp, with the purpose of implanting complementary hues of colour, can have an extraordinary side benefit.  The act of needling the skin in a controlled way has been shown to help release the fibrous matrix of scar tissue, which has formed to protect the area from further damage. This sets into motion a healing cascade beneath the surface of the skin. The complex process that occurs when the skin is manipulated by a professional who understands the intricacies of the scalp skin, the thickest and densest on the body, leads to a flurry of activity in the dermal-epidermal junction that actually results in healthier skin.  Scars are actually revised meaning that the scar collagen that formed post injury is replaced by healthy collagen.  In fact the practise of skin needling is well known to help with the appearance of scars.

In our studio the benefit is two-fold. Scalp Micropigmentation, and scar revision.

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