Tattooing the scalp is the same concept as getting a tattoo anywhere else. When it comes down to it, just about anyone can get their head tattooed, but for those wondering if scalp micropigmentation hurts, this is what you should know before stepping into our studio.

Everyone’s pain threshold is different. Something that you might not even notice or think twice about could be an excruciating sensation to others. Scalp micropigmentation can be more painful for some, so we never know how a client will react. We have precautions in place, such as numbing cream on hand if we feel the client needs it.

When it’s time to get the SMP procedure, there are certain things you ought to know that can help to reduce the pain psychologically. First of all, stress and anxiety before getting this procedure done will make the whole experience worse. The best way to approach this is to acknowledge that even though the sound is uncomfortable, and needles are involved, artists intentionally take steps to prevent anything terrible from happening during the process. They use products such as numbing cream as mentioned previously and using all the correct health and safety equipment to avoid cross-contamination. Doing so involves having technicians who know what they’re doing to alleviate any unnecessary pain or discomfort caused by the needle. If you find yourself worrying about these kinds of things when reaching out for information about how you should prepare for the treatment, try taking a step back and not overthinking it.

Replicated hair follicles vary in size. It is known that smaller dots always cause less pain than larger ones. Some parts of the scalp are more sensitive than others. Fun fact, the areas closer to your face are often more susceptible to pain and can trigger your senses …leaving you sneezing. The areas that will be more sensitive are the frontal hairline, crown, and temples, where each one has different tolerance levels.

So, the question is, is scalp micropigmentation painful? Well, it can be. The best answer I can give you is that it is not unbearable. The majority of people find the pain to be more of a discomfort rather than painful. The main thing to focus on is bearing the pain because the results are so worth it. Any highly trained, professional scalp micropigmentation artists will help minimise the pain and tell you that you are more than within your rights to ask for a brief break if you feel the pain is getting too much. Just try to stay distracted, play on your phone, read a book, anything to keep your mind off the procedure at hand.