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The experience of hair loss for a woman can be devastating. While also traumatizing for men, hair loss is more socially acceptable than it is with women, as only about 5 percent of women suffer from hair loss. Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation now provides a viable solution for women who are experiencing the effects of thinning hair or alopecia.

Hair is a huge part of female identity. It can be a definitive component of femininity. Short or long, women pursue fashionable hairstyles far more commonly than men, quite often to copy an idealized look made popular by a public figure. There are products to help hair grow faster, help it grow thicker and healthier, remove frizz, produce curls, preserve colour and on an on. The average British woman spends £756 per year on her hair.

As reported by our female scalp micropigmentation clients, the reaction to hair loss for a woman is complex, multi-faceted and often emotionally crippling. Wigs have come a long way and look more realistic than they ever did before, but are still detectable, hats are not optional in most workplaces and hair wraps, while fashionable can also be a tell tale leading to all manner of speculation about a woman’s health. Of course, often the first thought is chemotherapy, but there are many causes of hair loss in women.  In many cases it is reversible as may be the case when the cause is hormonal as in during pregnancy or following childbirth, when a woman nears the menopause, or due to stress, medications, medical condition, and even lifestyle. However, even when it might be reversible, the length of time before the hair returns is unknown, and the consequent distress can exacerbate the problem.

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To remedy thinning hair or bald patches, many women look to scalp micropigmentation for a treatment known in the industry as scalp density.  While no different from SMP for full baldness, the artist tattoos hair follicles on the areas of the scalp where the skin is visible.  Using varying hues of colour to blend with existing hair the illusion density is created.  With careful styling over the treated area, the visibility of thinness or baldness is drastically reduced.  For women who have become fully bald, if they can embrace the look of a shaved head, SMP is applied in the same way as for men.  It has become a rather trendy “avant garde” fashion statement and with the perfect hairline, ensures that a woman’s best features are beautifully enhanced.

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